Faith Stories

"Hi Dr. Wilson- My daughters Azhane and Amora Ritvalsk both attend BBCDS. My oldest Azhane had the honor of attending while you were the principal. You were a wonderful principal and as a parent I miss the caring and loving touch that you made my family feel. My daughter Azhane mentioned to me the other day that she and some of her friends took a picture with you while you were at Beulah, so much joy radiated from her as she was telling me. Lord willing I will be attending your Banquet on Nov. 3rd and I am looking forward to it. May the Lord continue to bless you and hold you in his loving arms. You are Blessed,"
— Taliah Ritvalsk

"I thank God for Mr. & Dr. Wilson's commitment to this cause it is very much needed. To date I have not received a scholarship but I know of people who have and have been tremendously blessed not only by the money but by the faith displayed and lived by this dynamic duo."
— M. Harvey, Philadelphia

"I personally know Dr. Wilson and her husband Woody. They work very hard because they believe that every parent has a right to put their child in the school of their choice. I have seen Dr. Wilson go without much sleep and little time for her personal life because of her passion for children. I have seen her in tears when she has heard of parents that had to put their children in public school because the parents could not afford the tuition of the school of their choice. She has been an inspiration to me and many other parents when she meets with us at the “Parent Engagement Meeting”. "
— Linda, Philadelphia, Pa

"We have been at several meetings where God provided funds for many children to attend private schools. This ministry needs to spread to every place and influence for the privilege of funds being available to educate children in the manner in which parents want their children taught. Some should not decide for all what is going to be taught to children. We have had the privilege of teaching in private schools and colleges for over 40 years and believe that what God is using the Wilson's to accomplish through Faith First should be multiplied throughout our United States. The Wilson's are worthy of support in this great endeavor with contributions for the expenses that surround seeking funds for the support of families who are unable to fully fund private education for their children. This is an excellent place for an investment in the lives of children who will be our future leaders, will stand for right, and lead our country to follow the great foundations upon which it was built. Drs. Ray and Sherrill Fulayter Tabernacle Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary ."
— Drs. Ray and Sherrill Fulayter, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23464

"I am familiar with the great work of Faith First Educational Assistance and the tireless efforts of Dr. Wilson and her devotion to our children. They are very deserving of your prayers, support and donations."
— Dan Rogers, Virginia Beach VA

"Dr Wilson has been a blessing to our family. Her strong faith has encouraged us through some very tough financial situations. She encouraged us to apply for scholarships for our four children still attending a Christian school, even when, as she said, they had 'NO MONEY'."
— Warren Chandler

"I believe Dr. Wilson's cause is a worthy one. I wish tax credits were offered to businesses in the state of Michigan who desire to help parents send their children to Christian schools. A school choice voucher in the state of Michigan would also help parents apply their own tax money to the school of their choice."
— Ronda Haymaker, Michigan

"Dr. Wilson is truly, truly a blessing! As a single parent, it is very hard for me to send my son to a Christian school, but he has been in one since Kindergarten. In September 2007 he will be entering 3rd grade at Beulah Baptist Christian Day School. Through the grace of God, Dr. Alberta Wilson's organization… Faith First, and prayer I have been able to keep sending my son there year after year."
— Cindy Dorsey, Philadelphia