Letter to Prospective Donors

Dear Prospective Donor,

Faith First Educational Assistance Corporation (Faith First) is a non-profit corporation registered in the state of Pennsylvania for the purpose of furthering parental choice in education. Faith First respectfully requests any grant that your company may give to be used to facilitate the following mission as delineated below.

The three-fold mission of Faith First is to:

  • Provide scholarship assistance to parents so that their children may receive a quality education that fosters academic excellence, while instilling values that would prove beneficial to both the student as well as the society in which he or she lives

  • Aggressively educate parents so they may become and/or remain pro-active in the educational lives of their children, as well as become informed concerning public policy that would affect the educational system in which their children are engaged

  • Assist local church schools with expansion plans, renovations, and in some cases, capacity building for the purpose of accommodating additional children

To fulfill the above three-fold mission, Faith First primarily, researches, identifies and solicits scholarship organizations for the purpose of providing this information to parents, as well as securing applications and assisting with the application process. This is done for the purpose of providing educational choice to the parents and a chance for the children to receive an education that ensures academic excellence and moral fortitude.

As funding becomes available to Faith First, it too will grant and distribute scholarships to children that would otherwise not be afforded a chance to succeed. This distribution process will require many man-hours of parental screening to ensure eligibility requirements are met, as well as scholarship funds solicited, announced, awarded, and monitored.

Secondarily, Faith First educates the parents concerning the procedures necessary to fulfill the criteria of the various scholarship organizations. In many instances, man-hours are spent copying applications, assisting with the filing process, packaging and mailing them to the many destinations. Faith First places phone calls to the various scholarship organizations checking the status and performing the trouble shooting necessary to assist parents, who otherwise would miss opportunities to qualify because of their lack of education, motivation and/or expertise. The assistance Faith First renders is necessary so that financial assistance is secured to give parents a choice and children a chance to receive an education that ensures academic excellence and moral fortitude.

Faith First continues to aggressively educate parents on issues that concern school choice, as well as effective parenting skills that will enhance the educational process of their children. Faith First provides motivation and focus that would cause the parent to partner with the educational institution of their choice so that they become involved in their child's daily educational training, i.e., parent meetings, report card conferences, volunteerism, homework coaching, etc. all for the purpose of ensuring that their child succeeds academically and morally.

And finally, to fulfill its three-fold mission, Faith First assists pastors who have educational institutions (enrolling grades Kindergarten through 12th Grade) for the purpose of renovating and expanding their facility to enroll additional children. As funding becomes available, Faith First will assist with the financial aspect as well.

Should your company desire to partner with Faith First in this mission you will primarily, facilitate the provision of scholarships to children to attend schools that provide the academic excellence and moral fortitude necessary for a strong and vibrant society. Without your financial support, these children remain trapped in educational systems that continues to fail them. Secondarily, your financial investment would additionally provide valuable education to parents, so they no longer remain handicapped in parenting, subsequently, ensuring the academic, as well as moral development of their children. And finally, with the breakdown of today's current educational system, your financial support would allow the local church school to expand so that it would both receive and retain its students throughout 12th Grade. This would ensure continuity that would only enhance the learning experience of the child. At present, many good schools are forced to send their students elsewhere because they lack the space to accommodate succeeding grades, thus affecting the continuity, and most often subjecting the child to an inferior educational system.

Having been an educator for the past 25 years, and a former principal of an elementary school for five years, I had become increasingly burdened concerning the plight of education in our society. As a result, I have resigned my position as principal this past year to start Faith First for the aforementioned purposes. I assisted in the founding of the school in which I was the principal enrolling (5) children on the first day of school in September 1997 and serving in that capacity for the past five years. I was effective in advancing the school over those five years to include grades up thorough 6th with a high of 92 students. The school is currently thriving with 95 students, but unable to enroll any more students due to space restrictions.

In closing, any grant that your company may give will primarily, allow Faith First to further its mission in providing educational choice to parents giving children a chance at academic excellence and moral fortitude. Secondarily, a grant from your company will provide the education to parents that otherwise would remain handicapped at parenting their children to ensure that academic excellence and moral fortitude is provided. And finally, a grant from your company will assist the local church schools in expanding their facilities to accommodate the children that you have given a chance to achieve academic excellence and moral fortitude necessary for a strong and vibrant society.

I remain burdened for our children,

Dr. Alberta C. Wilson
Faith First Educational Assistance Corporation